Menopause and Sex

The Cause, Effect & How to Take Charge of ‘The Change’

The loss of estrogen and testosterone leads to changes in a woman’s body which directly affects sexual drive. Menopausal and postmenopausal women may notice that they’re not as easily aroused, and often times, this ‘change’ can lead to less interest in sex.

One of the symptoms of low levels of estrogen, can lead to a drop in blood supply to the vagina and changes in vaginal lubrication (commonly known as ‘dryness’), both of these things are essential in the enjoyment of sex and for women’s health as a whole. These changes in hormonal activity CAN be treated, though!

Menopause is, of course, inevitable, but its symptoms do not have to impact your lifestyle and life!

Menopause can cause numerous symptoms that are often wrongfully diagnosed (read more below), and because of the stigma attached to aging and women’s sexual health – women often neglect their own enjoyment and pleasure in the process of trying to regain stability during this time in their lives.

Additional factors that may affect menopausal women’s level of sexual interest and enjoyment:

  • interest is lack of sleep
  • anxiety, medications
  • stress
  • weight gain + change in food cravings
  • bladder control
  • and more…

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and fit within the pre or post menopausal frame – schedule an appointment with a physician who understands hormone replacement, and who can help you find safe, alternative AND medically-proven options to help you regain and achieve satisfying, guilt-free and enjoyable sexual life.

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