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A proven and safe solution when other ED pills or treatments have not worked for you.

Hear patient stories whose sexual health has been renewed with a penile implant.

Stan & Theresa

“There was a romance, a spark that was put back that we didn’t know went out.”

Brian’s Story

“How has a penile implant impacted my life? In a word, confidence. I’m able to walk into the room now and be that guy that I always wanted to be, confident and self-assured.”

Colin’s Story

“The Coloplast Titan changed my life for the better and I didn’t have any other choice. That was what was going to work for me and my body and when I decided to go with it, I didn’t look back.”

Ray’s Story

“The most surprising thing to me would be that patients do not know that the Titan or the implant exists, so therefore they are really surprised that it exists and they are willing to proceed on with it once they find out about it.”

John’s Story

“As far as the feeling, the sensitivity is still there; your ability to ejaculate is still the same. It’s a win situation all around as far as I’m concerned; I would do it tomorrow morning.”

Bob’s Story

“The Titan has given my wife and I the chance to be high school sweethearts all over again.”