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Circumcision Revision Surgery in Sacramento and Fremont

Circumcision Revision Surgery is an uncommon but sometimes necessary procedure. It refers to a second surgical procedure performed due to unsatisfactory results with the original circumcision.

Curious about Circumcision Revision Surgery?

What is the Circumcision revision?

Circumcision revision refers to a second surgical procedure performed due to unsatisfactory results with the original circumcision. When not enough foreskin is removed during the initial circumcision, the appearance of the penis may be affected. The foreskin, the sheath of skin that covers the glans penis also known as the head of the penis, is removed during circumcision. Men who experience the following may benefit:

  • Men who wish to have the overall fit of the skin on the penis to be made tighter.
  • The frenulum removed
  • Improve scar line of original circumcision
  • Wanting best possible appearance and function
  • Penile skin bridge develops

If the penis seems to “trap” itself once more in the fatty tissue surrounding it after circumcision, you might require modification. This problem results in a buried penis, which makes it challenging to urinate and raises the possibility of skin infections near the penis. If something known as a “penile skin bridges” develops, circumcision revision may also be necessary for this reason. At this point, the penis’s shaft and tip are joined at the hip.

How is a Revision Performed?

Circumcision revision procedure starts with an incision made on each side of the previous scar and the skin edges are removed along with any additional skin the patient request inside the operating room. The wound is closed with absorbable suture that will dissolve in 2-4 weeks

Local anesthetic will be given, we offer Nitrous Oxide known as “laughing gas” for the comfort of the patient. Nitrous Oxide is a fast-acting sedative that wears off quickly.

Pre-Op Directions

Trim all pubic hair with an electric razor around the base of penis. Be sure to shower the morning of the procedure. Bring supportive underwear such as briefs or boxers. It is also recommended that patients limit salt intake several days before surgery. Excess fluids and salt can cause increased swelling. You will also be given local anesthesia during surgical procedures for your comfort.

Post-Op Directions

You will be instructed on how long to leave the surgical dressing on before you leave. You may shower after removing the dressing. You may also place antibiotic ointment or Vitamin E cream around the incision. Stop any antibiotic creams after three days. Swelling and bruising will persist for several weeks as well as the healing process. If there’s a risk of infection or you feel any discomfort, quickly contact your healthcare professional for your concern.

Benefits of Circumcision Revision

  • Rapid Healing
  • Excellent cosmetic appearance
  • Customized options for patient preference
  • Improve scar lines and aesthetics
  • Scar tissue removal to restore length
  • Decreased risk for urinary tract infections

Although circumcision is more common with children, Golden State Urology offers it to male adults with an incomplete circumcision or excess skin and wants to revise it. When you had neonatal circumcision during a pediatric surgery, as the child grows they will not “grow into” the extra skin, we frequently urge revision if there is a redundant foreskin and the adhesions keep returning. Men with circumcision have a much lesser risk of penile cancer. Neonatal Circumcision completely prevents penile cancer. For any other cosmetic concerns, you can go ahead and ask your urologist.

Circumcision Revision FAQs

In general, is similar to recovery after circumcision. In our practice, most men are able to resume work within 1-3 days after circumcision revision. Many men do not require pain medications beyond over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relievers.

Circumcision revision is a surgical procedure performed to correct or improve the appearance of the penis and penile skin after a prior circumcision.  The most commonly performed revision is straightening of the circumcision scar or removing the excessive or uneven foreskin.

A more complex surgical procedure may be required in some men to correct the appearance of the penis after prior circumcision.  This may require using advanced plastic surgery techniques such as flap rotation or grafting skin from other areas.

Revision of circumcision is a sometimes necessary procedure for those who developed issues and complications from the original neonatal or adult circumcision. This can be done when the doctor or urologist failed to remove enough foreskin leaving too much of it left, if the penis drops back to the fatty area around it (buried penis), or if adhesions or penile skin bridge develop.

It’s never late to repair or correct incomplete circumcisions in older boys and even circumcised adult men. No matter how long has passed since the original circumcision, problems like these won’t fix themselves and could even worsen over time. So if you suspect that something might be wrong, absolutely contact your doctor or urologist, or visit a hospital or your local male health clinic.

If you’re looking into getting a circumcision revision, contact or book an appointment with Golden State Urology.


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