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10 Reasons for Lack of Desire for Women

Sex is mental, emotional and physical. There are many reasons why women lack desire!

Below are some possible reasons why the ‘fire’ may not be burning as hot for her like in the beginning of the relationship.

1. She is tired and exhausted –  Helping with tasks and childcare will go a long ways.

2. She is too focused on the kids or work – Sick children, projects at work is hard to let go and relax.  Being a good listener and breathing exercises can help bring things back to the present moment.

3. She doesn’t feel connected to you – Open communication, sharing time together and showing that you care will open the door to what’s going on in her heart.

4. Her Hormones levels aren’t balanced – Hormones play a part in desire and libido. Encourage her to see a physician specializing in hormone replacement.

5. She feels overwhelmed – Women are multitaskers and which leads to constant stress about things that need to get done.  “The monkey mind” is hard to turn off. Talking to her about what’s on her plate and how you can help.

6. She is self-conscience about her body – It is difficult for a woman to feel sexy if she feels she doesn’t measure up.  She must feel she is worthy of being desired. Boost her confidence and tell her why you love her.

7. Sex doesn’t feel good – Women don’t always climax as easily as men. Find out what she likes and makes her orgasm.

8. She may feel you are using her – Her up bringing or perception about sex may be very different than yours. Communication is critical to uncover her needs and or concerns.

9. She has other needs greater than wanting sex – For some who are really busy she longs for a little of time to herself everyday.  Help her find the balance she needs to relax resulting in time for sex.

10. Your hygiene could be a factor – Telling your spouse you stink is a hard conversation. This is the easiest fix – take a shower and brush your teeth before you go to bed.

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